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Bridport is a great town to live in. However, even within our warm and vibrant town community there are significant pockets of inequality. Some groups struggle to access the rights they hold more than others. For example, if I’m significantly disabled how easy is it for me to access all town public buildings, cafes, shops?  I hold the same rights as any other person. What could be done to improve this? What is being done to improve this?

Being a Rights-Respecting town won’t solve these issues of inequality overnight, but it does give more power to the arguments to improve services. We will be holding focus group discussions and surveys to better understand where you struggle to access your human rights. We will explore issues around human rights and how understanding the rights we hold can make a positive difference to us and our community. 

 If you have any ideas as to how we can develop our Rights-Respecting town further, do contact us.

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