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The following links should help understanding and awareness of human rights:

The aim of RealisingRights is to make Human Rights real for everyone.

Human Rights underpin our democracy and our liberties. However what human rights are and how they make a difference is poorly understood.If most of us, including politicians and media workers, do not know what Human Rights are it makes it harder to know how to respect them and defend them – for ourselves and for each other. Human Rights in the UK and around the world are under threat. RealisingRights exists to help turn the tide and create a human rights-smart society; one that is fair, inclusive and sustainable.

York –  Human Rights City

York, in becoming a Human Rights City, embraces a vision of a vibrant, diverse, fair and safe community built on the foundations of universal human rights. This vision is shared by citizens and institutions in our city, including the City Council, North Yorkshire Police, voluntary organisations and faith communities.

We are building on York’s own particular history of democratic innovation, philanthropy and an international outlook, all of which have shaped our commitment to social justice.

This declaration marks an ambition. A significant point in a journey, not a final destination. As the UK’s first Human Rights City we are committed to making our vision real, putting fundamental rights at the heart of our policies, hopes and dreams for the future. Click

EachOther is the UK’s most popular source of human rights news, storytelling and information. We bring together journalists, professional storytellers and creatives to increase public knowledge of and support for human rights.

British Institute of Human Rights

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